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JRNL 3644

Principles of Television Production


TV-1 is a learning environment where you can get hands-on experience with video technologies in both field and studio production. From camerawork to editing, to multi-camera studio directing, TV-1 is where you will learn the fundamentals of video production and how to apply those skills to professional work.
This course will help you develop competency in visual literacy and aesthetics by applying theories and practices to the presentation of images and information. In other words, you will learn to become a visual storyteller. You will develop skills to conceive, produce and even distribute your own video productions. Your instructors will provide you with guidance to apply professional broadcast standards to your work.

What you put into the course is what you get out of it.

The way to get good at something is through regular practice. No matter what your major, each of you in the class will be held to the same standards. To be successful in this course means going the extra mile. It means putting in time to learn how to operate the camera, the editing software, and applying an efficient workflow to your work. TV-1 is also where you will meet your future colleagues and begin building bridges that will support you on your journey towards a successful career in broadcast.
TV-1 (JRNL 3644) is a prerequisite for Principles of Television Production 2 (TV-2, JRNL 3674) and TV Reporting (JRNL 4354). Students who want school credit for broadcast internships (JRNL 4931) must first take TV-1.

The College of Media, Communication & Information is committed to training students in fundamental communication competencies and values.  

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