Adobe Premiere Pro CC Instructions

Exporting Video

When you finish editing, the video needs to be exported. You can then turn in a video file to your instructor or even upload it to YouTube. 

To export, make sure the Timeline is selected and then go to

File > Export > Media

The export settings dialogue box opens

In the lower left corner of the window there is a drop menu that gives export options (Source Range). In most cases, select Entire Sequence to make sure that you're exporting the entire show.

In the upper right under Export Settings, let's start by choosing one of the most common video codecs - the H.264. You'll find this selection in the drop down menu for Format.

Then in the Preset drop down, choose HD 1080p 29.97, which will remain faithful to the format you recorded the video with in the camera. As long as you shot in 1080, then you can choose a preset that matches. Otherwise, you can also use Match Source, High or Medium Bitrate. 

Choosing a codec depends on how you intend to distribute the video. If you want it to be seen by an audience, and you know it will be seen using a video projector, then you might choose to use an Apple Pro Res 422 codec. It's a judgement call, but you want to choose export settings that will export the video in the highest quality. 

Under Output Name, choose a title for your video file and select a location where you want to save it. Make sure you save it in your Project folder so you can find it again easily when the exporting is done. 

In the lower right, check Maximum Render Quality, especially if you added various effects and transitions. Then click Export to start the exporting.