Fundamentals CMCI 2001

The Canon VIXIA HF G40


Using the built-in microphone, the camcorder can optimise audio using the Audio Scene function. But you can also plug in an external microphone to get good reproduction of voices and dialogue especially in quiet environments.  

FUNC> Audio Scene (you might need to scroll down to find Audio Scene) 

Tap Audio Scene to display the menu. Then choose the desired audio scene:

  • STD - Standard - used in most situations
  • Music - vibrantly records music and singing situations
  • Speech - best for recording voices and dialogue
  • Forest and Birds - clearly records sounds in natural settings such as forests or mountains
  • Noise Suppression - helps reduce noise from wind, passing vehicles or similar ambient sound
  • Custom Setting - using the menus you can set how you want the camcorder to record sound.

Using Headphones

Always use headphones during recordings to monitor the sound quality. You can plug in the headphones in the compartment just in front of the side grip

Mic Level

You can adjust the audio input levels only when using the Cinema or Manual mode and only when the Audio Scene is set to Custom Setting

FUNC > Mic Level 

You can select A for automatic or M to adjust the levels manually. Use the audio level indicator to make sure that the audio levels reach the -12 dB mark, occasionally reaching slightly above. Beyond that the audio levels might sound distorted. Use the headphones to check the sound quality. 


Using an External Mic

Plug the mic into the MIC terminal located next to the headphone terminal. The audio level indicator will be displayed automatically so you can adjust for optimal record levels.