Fundamentals CMCI 2001

The Canon VIXIA HF G40

Setting the Focus

Focus may be adjusted manually or automatically. For autofocus, the camera features face detection and tracking abilities. Although autofocus has its uses in some situations, it's really used by amateurs and should be avoided if what you're trying to attain are pristine images. The autofocus does not know inherently what should be in focus and might even shift the focus in the middle of the shot, effectively ruining the shot. Therefore, use the manual focus habitually. To do so you must calibrate the lens:

Calibrate the lens for manual focus - EASY!! Zoom in all the way on your subject - Focus - then zoom out and compose the shot. It's that simple!

To Focus Manually 

Set the focus/zoom ring to focus manually.
The FOCUS/ZOOM switch is at the back of the camera - set to FOCUS.

Make sure the camera mode is set to Manual - M. This switch is located above the zoom rocker on the side grip.

On the viewfinder controls, press the AF/MF button to select MF.

Zoom in all the way on the subject - Focus by turning the focus ring on the lens - then zoom out and compose the shot. 

Focus Assist

Peaking - when focus is achieved in the shot, the edges of objects will be outlines in red, blue or yellow - depending on what colour is set in the Peaking menu.

Tap the FUNC on the LCD screen and then then the FOCUS and then tap PEAK


Turn the focus ring until edges in the subject are highlighted in red, blue or yellow.