Fundamentals CMCI 2001

The Canon VIXIA HF G40

Shooting Video and Taking Photos

  • Click the battery into the battery compartment and then turn on the camcorder.
  • To release the battery, slide the battery release switch underneath the battery compartment.


  • Open the lens cover (the switch is on the side of the lens hood.

  • To use the viewfinder eyepiece, pull it out and adjust as necessary. Use the dioptric adjustment on the eyepiece to focus the data text on screen to your eyesight before you focus the lens.

  • Press START/STOP (the button is located just behind the side grip) to begin recording video. Press again to stop.

  • To take a photo, simply tap PHOTO on the LCD panel. 


Playing Back Video and Photos

  • Set the power switch to MEDIA.
  • The movie index will appear in the viewfinder.

  • Look for the clip you want to play back and tap it. The camcorder will play back the clip.

  • Drag your finger across to show the next page of clips.

  • Tap the screen to show playback controls. To adjust the volume in either the headphones or the camera's own speakers, simply drag you finger on the volume controls in the viewfinder. 



To Delete Recordings

Deleting clips, or scenes, will allow you free up memory card space. 

  • To delete a single clip, tap FUNC on the index screen

  • Tap Delete. You will then be prompted to Select an
    individual clip or all of them. Use Select for a single scene.

  • Tap the clip you want to delete.