Paul Daugherty, Instructor

CU School of Journalism and Mass Communication

1511 University Ave.

Boulder, CO 80301


office: 303.492.0867

mobile: 303.588.5894

Paul Daugherty is an award-winning producer and founder of Doghouse Productions in Boulder. He has a master's degree in broadcast journalism from CU. He has 19 years of television experience, having worked a majority of his career with PBS, producing numerous documentaries and public affairs shows.  He continues to produce original documentaries, including Jump Steak, a documentary about the concerns and issues surrounding the human consumption of kangaroos. His specialty is nature and science documentaries, including the series Zoo Keeper Journal, shot in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, Paul has been working with NASA partners, scripting, shooting, and editing the web-based educational series Space Class, and more recently he spent time in Hawaii doing video work for Project Pisces, a University of Hawaii at Hilo research effort to develop habitation structures that can be used on the moon. Paul is a Colorado native with family in New Zealand and Australia. He has an adopted koala named Belvedere, who lives in Australia's Ballarat Wildlife Sanctuary just north of Melbourne.

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