Employers are looking for a range of skills in job seekers.  Whether you intend to become a camera operator or a news anchor, experience is the key to finding a job. TV1 will help qualify you for the skills that employers are looking for, but it will take hard work and devotion on your part. Broadcast is a highly competitive field and there are many other students who want the same job as you. Therefore, you need to learn, learn, learn, and make opportunities to get experience beyond just the regular assignments. Here are some skills that I hope you will obtain as the semester progresses:

  • Demonstrating that you can apply the standards of broadcast excellence to recording video and audio. Showing that you can competently run camera, proper lighting, sharp focus and balanced composition. Demonstrating these skills will help you stand out in the competition. I'm here to help you achieve these professional standards!
  • Learning the basics of Adobe Premiere to edit video creatively and seamlessly. I know that learning computer software can be intimidating, so I hope you won't hesitate to get individual instruction from me. I'm happy to offer my time to you. 
  • Developing time management skills and time-saving professional workflows. Knowing how to do this will help you become more efficient and meet your deadlines. And yes, applying these skills will save you time in your busy school schedule!  
  • Learning how to evaluate video productions critically. Perhaps you've had a gut feeling something was wrong in a type of shot or in an edit, but couldn't articulate it. After this class, you'll be able to develop your cinematic language skills and be able to "talk shop" with the professionals. 
  • Acquire resume material that you can add to your e-Portfolio. If you want to get noticed by an employer, then you need a portfolio that showcases your work.
My Tip for Success:
Don't treat assignments as the only opportunity you have to gain experience and develop your skills. Seek me out for assistance and individual learning. I might even give you extra credit for doing extra work, which says to me that you're motivated and passionate about learning these skills. Going the extra mile in your work shows that you're not only on the path to doing exemplary work, but also you're more likely to be someone I would recommend for a job! 

There are many students who've come before you and completed successfully the required work in this course. They were successful because they found a way to fit the coursework into their busy schedules. Make the time to get the practice you need to become a professional. 

If you ever need extra help, I welcome you to contact me.