Directing Rubric

The following directing rubric identifies characteristics that I consider to be the most significant not just to me, but to professionals. Read carefully. Points are awarded based on which category your work falls under. If you find yourself achieving less than what you desire, then make the opportunity to see me and we can discuss. 



Unsatisfactory (1-6.9)

* Vague plan or lack of vision
* needs better attention to detail
* needs to listen
* lethargic use of cues
* long pauses between ready and execution cues
* repeating ready cues too many times before giving execution
* needs work on using proper cues
* needs work on timing cues to hit the mark precisely
* absent or incomplete rundown and script
* Improperly formatted script
*little or no evidence of script marking
* lacking required materials and copies of rundown and script
*over-reliance on cheat sheet
*needs work on multitasking and observing monitors
* needs work on anticipating shots and communicating needs to production crew
* numerous inaccurate calls
* needs work on getting in a variety of shots
* needs work on professionalism and taking show seriously
* failed to confirm recording or give all-clear signal

Proficient Range 

* shows some evidence of planning and vision 
*has most of the required materials
* Script marked adequately or partially
* less reliance on cheat sheet
* use of proper cues
* better sense of timing between shots, although still some hesitancy
* some pauses between ready and execution cues
*some inaccurate calls
* kept it mostly professional
* shows evidence of attention to detail
* listening and reacting to content

Exemplary (9-10) 

* excellent timing of cuts and anticipation of shots
* spoke only when necessary
* uses clear cues precisely that are relaxed and alert
* shows much evidence of a vision
* excellent communication skills with crew
*attention to even smallest details, such as microphones on talent, clothes and look of set
* take charge assertiveness and self-confidence adding credibility and respect to the role
*never used a cheat sheet
*well-organised with all required materials
*hardly any inaccurate calls
* professional demeanour throughout
*successful timing of show
*creative variety of shots
* use of over-the-shoulders and changing camera positions during show
*gave all-clear signal after confirming recording
* used additional media or graphics to enhance the show.