Spring 2018 Timetable (subject to change)

Field Production Weeks 1-8

Action items in red

Part I: Field Production
Meet in Armory 218 - lecture times 1:00pm until 2:50pm (combination of lecture and in-class activities). 
Class time runs officially until 4:50. There is time after the lecture where it's recommended you get practice and meet with your instructor to go over your work or get further one-on-one instruction.

February Week 5

February Week 6

February Week 7

February/March  Week 8

Week 1

Tuesday, January 16

  • Hello and Introduction
  • Equipment overview and policies
  • Stages of production
  • Types of productions
  • Production personnel
  • Types of shots
  • Getting to know the camera
  • IN-CLASS EXERCISE - VIDEO ALPHABET- show me what you know

Thursday, January 18

  • Review - students will be called on to answer questions based on material from Tuesday
  • Review VIDEO ALPHABET footage
  • Camera lessons in depth
  • Exposure and White Balance 
  • Framing composition
  •  5-Shot Sequence (students work in teams of 2) - bring footage to class next Thursday for Editing Lessons

Chapter 1 – The Television Production Process

  • Section 1.1 What Television Production Is All About
  • Section 1.2 Technical Production Systems

Chapter 7 – Camera Operation and Picture Composition

  • Section 7.1 – Working the Camera
  • Section 7.2 - Picture Composition

Chapter 17 - Field Production and Big Remotes

  • Section 17.1 – Field Production
  • Section 17.2 – Covering Major Events


Week 2

Tuesday, January 23

  • Review Camera Operation - students will be called on to go over parts of the camera
  • Camera movements, including hand-held
  • Covering Events - Sequences
  • Shooting Interviews
  • Microphones
  • Types of Lenses
  • Depth of Field
  • Video Portrait Ideas- let me know what your final topic is and that you have secured your subject

Chapter 5 – The Television Camera

  • Section 5.1 – How Television Cameras Work

Chapter 6 – Lenses

  • Section 6.1 - What Lenses Are
  • Section 6.2 - What Lenses See

Chapter 8 – Audio Sound Pickup

  • Section 8.1 – How Microphones Hear
  • Section 8.2 – How Microphones Work

Thursday, January 25

  • Review Readings- Types of Lenses - students will be called on to answer questions based on readings
  • Adobe Premiere Lessons - remember to have 5 shot sequence footage and a portable drive to work with
  • Matching Action discussion
  • Matching action assignment overview with interview shot and edited due Tuesday, February 6.


Chapter 18 – Post production Editing: How it Works

  • Section 18.1 How Nonlinear Editing Works
  • Section 18.2 – Audio/Video Linkage

Chapter 19 – Editing Functions and Principles

  • Section 19.1 – Continuity Editing
  • Section 19.2 – Complexity Editing


Week 3

Tuesday, January 30

  • Review Weekend Readings - students will be called on to answer questions
  • QUIZ #1
  • Going over first assignments. Clarifications and explanations. Feedback by end of day
  • Talk about matching action, the editing concept, and how to shoot it.  Then discussing the assigment.
  • Time to work on matching action assignment 
  • Video Portrait Ideas - pitch your ideas to me in individual sessions while working on matching action assignment. Discuss next steps    

Thursday, February 1

  • Shooting for the edit- Natural transitions and cutaways. Motivating your edits. Pacing
  • pre production review and packet element introductions
  • Discuss the Music video assignment. 
  • Start working on pre production and storyboard in class for Music video
  • Go over music video assignment that will be due Thursday, February 15

Review Chapter 7.2 – Picture Composition

Review Chapter 19 – Editing Functions and Principles

Chapter 10 – Lighting

  • Section 10.1 - Lighting Instruments and Lighting Controls
  • Section 10.2 – Light Intensity, Base light Levels, Color Temperature and Color Mixing

Chapter 11 – Techniques of Television Lighting

  • Section 11.1 - Lighting in the Studio
  • Section 11.2 – Lighting in the Field   

Chapter 16.2 – Single-camera and Digital Cinema Directing           


Week 4

Tuesday, February 6

  • Review Lighting from weekend reading - students will be called on to answer questions
  • IN-CLASS EXERCISE -  With a partner set up an interview situation with lighting
  • First draft of pre production items due for Video Portrait. Once I have the needed items, each person must schedule a time to meet with me to discuss the project, items in pre production and gather feedback.

Thursday, February 8

  • Review Lighting - students will be called on to answer questions
  • News Packages elements and how to go about production
  • Scripting and how to write one
  • In class time to work on editing music video


Chapter 3 – The Script

  • Section 3.1 – Basic Script Format
  • Section 3.2 – Dramatic Structure, Conflict, and Dramaturgy


Week 5

Tuesday, February 13

  • Review from reading assignment - students will be called on to answer questions
  • QUIZ #2
  • Editing lesson-Fast package editing, using the audio booth, mixing and working with audio, keyframes, and more
  • Video Portrait feedback sessions must be finished by this date. You now have until Friday to make adjustments to your packet and story based off our session. On Friday, I want the updated version, including draft script made up of questions. Once this version is approved by me, you can start production.

Thursday, February 15

  • Music video ASSIGNMENT DUE - in-class screenings
  • PSA structure and purpose
  • DISCUSS PSA ASSIGNMENT - Break into groups. Start scripting and story boarding. Email finished items to me by end of day.
  • Discussion of the pre production for PSA and Video Profile


Week 6

Tuesday, February 20

  • PSA work day or video Profile interview shoot day - final edit due Thursday, February, 22. If you have a rough cut or footage, happy to review

Thursday, February 22

  • PSA Exercise DUE - class screening
  • Discussion on constructing the image
  • Go over issues or questions regarding video profile.
  • Turn in script for Video Profile. Interviews for the Profile need to be shot by this date.  Please have script emailed to me by end of day with all soundbites from the interview you shot transcribed in the order you would put them together for the video profile. I will have feedback to you as soon as possible so you can make changes and use next week's work days to re-shoot anything or start editing.


Week 7

Tuesday, February 27

  • Wild Card Day- use to shoot for video portrait or edit

Thursday, March 1

  • Review session midterm
  • IN-CLASS - Work on editing Video Portrait Exercise - that means you need the full interview and some footage by this date.  We will be building the audio edit based off the updated script and your shot interview. Or, you can use this day to re-shoot anything you need regarding b-roll or missing interview information.


Week 8

Tuesday, March 6

  • MIDTERM – covers everything so far

Thursday, March 8

  • Last time we will be meeting in the Armory.  Next class will be held in the TV studio in the Atlas building.

Review Chapter 7 – Camera Operation and Picture Composition

Chapter 13 – Switching, Or Instantaneous Editing

  • Section 13.1 – How Switchers Work
  • Section 13.2 – Special Purpose Switchers

Chapter 15 – Television Talent

  • Section 15.1 – Television Performers and Actors
  • Section 15.2 – How to Do Makeup and What to Wear