KIRO 7 News crew shooting a story in FH (Image Source: The Island   Guardian)

   Field Production 

    There are 3 types of field productions:


  • ENG (Electronic News Gathering) this is the simplest production system, requiring only one camera and one operator, who also monitors sound. As the name implies, this is the system that is ideally suited for news gathering purposes. The expanded system can also use a small transmitter for live shots. Usually, ENG is not planned in advance (or is given little time for planning) and is often transmitted live or immediately after post-production editing. The cameras in use for this class are sometimes called ENG-type cameras - the all-in-one video and audio (camcorder) is ideally suited for this type of field production. 
  • EFP (Electronic Field Production) this system consists of a single camera and operator, but can include other operators who monitor audio or set up the lights. Think of it as a more elaborate version of ENG where it's television production outside of the studio normally shot for post-production. EFP is also suited for planned events, such as celebrity interviews. This expanded system can use several cameras and personnel, including an audio operator (with mixing gear), a lighting director along with a producer and talent. 
  • Big Remotes are productions outside the studio that televise live and/or live-record a large scheduled event that has not been staged for television. Some examples include sports or concert events, parades, political conventions and studio shows that are taken on the road.