Final Cut Pro Video Tutorial

Learn the basics to help you get started.

Part 1

Introduction and Portable Drive Formatting

Before you start using your new portable drive, be sure to format it properly for Mac. Assign your drive a name.

Part 2

Saving the Project

Learning how to save properly will help you avoid numerous frustrations while working in Final Cut Pro. This section covers setting the Scratch Disk, which should always be set prior to every edit session. 

Part 3

Knowing the Interface

Helps you to become familiar with the different parts that you will be using in Final Cut Pro.

Part 4

Capturing Video from DV Tape

This section helps you know how to load DV tapes into the VTR, play and ingest them into Final Cut Pro.

Part 5

Marking In- & Out-Points

Once you ingested your clips, you can learn how to mark where you want them to start and where you want them to end.

Part 6

Inserting Clips into the Timeline

Ways to move clips into your sequence so you can assemble them into the order you desire. 

Part 7

Modifying the Audio

Once clips are positioned in your sequence you can go about the process of making modifications. This section is about changing the audio levels so that you can get a proper mix. 

Part 8

Creating Freeze Frames

Learn how to make quick freeze frames from any video clip.


Part 9

Applying Dissolves

Know how to insert transitions seamlessly.

Part 10

Creating Text

When you need to superimpose text over your video to identify characters or use as locators. 

Part 11

Printing Video to a DV Tape

Get your finished masterpiece onto a video DV tape.

Part 12

Exporting Video Clips

Printing to tape is not the only option. You can export your finished work as a video file that can be played back on computers or uploaded to video servers like YouTube.