Copy Effects & Adjustments 

After you’ve made a number of adjustments to a clip, you can apply some or all of those adjustments to other clips in your movie by copying and pasting the adjustments.

For example, if you applied the Cartoon video effect and a volume adjustment to a clip, you can copy both adjustments and apply them to another clip.

Copy and paste effects and adjustments

1.     In the browser or the timeline, select a clip or range containing the adjustments you want to copy.

2.     Choose Edit > Copy.

The clip and its effects and adjustments are copied to the clipboard.

3.     Select the first clip or range to which you want to paste the adjustments.

4.     Holding down the Command key, select each additional clip to which you want to apply the adjustments.

5.     Choose Edit > Paste Adjustments, and choose an option from the submenu:

o   All: Applies all the types of effects and adjustments listed below.

o   Color Correction: Applies only video adjustments, such as exposure, brightness, and contrast.

o   Crop: Applies only cropping adjustments. This is useful if you have several clips with the same subject appearing in the same portion of the screen.

o   Volume: Applies only audio adjustments, such as volume level, the “Lower the volume of other clips” setting (on or off), and fade adjustments.

o   Video Effect: Applies the copied video effect (such as Aged Film, Sepia, Cartoon, and so on).

o   Audio Effect: Applies the copied audio effect (such as Large Room, Robot, Echo, and so on).

o   Speed: Applies only adjustments you’ve made to the speed and playback direction of the video clip.

o   Video Overlay Settings: Applies only fade and opacity adjustments to cutaway clips, side-by-side clips, picture-in-picture clips, and green-screen and blue-screen clips.

o   Map Style: Applies the copied map style to selected maps. These settings can only be pasted to animated maps. For more information, see Add animated travel maps and backgrounds.