iMovie Layout 


Library- This is the iMovie version of having a project folder that everything is told to save to. That is why it is super important to make sure you are saving this properly to the portable drive you are working from. You might even want to create a fold on your portable drive to save your library to for and even more organized workflow.

Event- This is the fold specific to the overall project you are working on. This will be the place that houses your different movies (see below) and clips. When you import video clips and photos, or record directly into iMovie, the source media files (your raw footage) are stored in events. An event is similar to a folder that can hold video clips, audio clips, photos, movies, and trailers. Each event in the library refers to media on your Mac or a storage device.

Movie- This is your timeline.  In one project you could have multiple timelines(movies). These are the actual spaces where you make all of your edits.

For example, you could have a project and four time lines like this:

(Event)Project: My Epic Summer Road Trip

                        -(Movie) Timeline one- California

                        -(Movie) Timeline two- Chicago

                        -(Movie) Timeline three- New York

All of those timelines are different stories and different edits but they are all related to the main project of your summer road trip.  You export movies and not projects (events)


Video, audio, or a photo that has been imported into iMovie. Clips appear in the browser and the timeline.

Clips in iMovie link to source media files on your Mac or a storage device. When you modify a clip, you are not modifying the media file, just the clip’s information in iMovie. (This is known as nondestructive editing.)

Basics for iMovie

-Start opening the iMovie software. You may need to do a search for iMovie because it is probably not located on the dock.

-The main workspace will pop up, ready to tart a new project. If you open iMovie and another project pops up, just disregard the project and make your own project and folder.

The next steps are super important to make sure you save your new project correctly and in one location.