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Grading Criteria: 
All assignments and course timelines are subject to last minute changes. Assignments will be graded based on technical execution, content and creativity. Bonus points may be awarded if the work demonstrates superior quality. See Grading Rubrics

  • Field Assignments (5 total) *
  • Studio Assignments (3 total) *
  • Quizzes and Tests (6 quizzes, 1 tests) *
  • Attendance and Participation (see Grading Matrix below) *

* These are estimates and may change as the semester goes on.

Grading Matrix:

1. Class Attendance and Participation (attendance will be taken)

  • 2 points per class (5-15 minutes late will lose a single point). By as much as 15 minutes will be considered an absence) (see above for attendance expectations.

2. Assignments:

Studio Production

  • Interview
  • News Break
  • Final Project

Diversity Stories
You will be expected to cover stories that involve the fullest possible range of people and issues. This means the inclusion of those who have frequently been left out of news, particularly African Americans and people of all races and ethnic groups, gays and lesbians. Find the stories that aren’t being told. Strive to tell these stories without euphemisms or stereotypes.

Field Production

  • Story Board
  • Editing Exercise
  • Matching Action
  • PSA
  • Final Package

Grading Scale

A     95-100%
A-    90-94.99%
B+   87-89.99%
B     84-86.99%
B-    80-83.99%
C+   77-79.99%
C     74-76.99%
C-    70-73.99%
D+   67-69.99%
D     64-66.99%
D-    60-63.99%
F      Below 60% 

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