Music Video

This exercise includes shooting and editing original video footage of your own

Objective: Up to this point in class, you have been learning the technical side of camera functions and proper shot composition. You’ve learned the wide range of angles a shot can take and how, with planning, some of your shots can be used as editing transitions and cutting techniques in post production.  We have focused on different ways to edit videos to create a certain feeling or reaction from your audience. Now, it is time to apply all of those items we have been talking about to one vital skill in video editing…finding the beat. When you edit a scene, a story or a whole production, you are giving it life. By combining different length of shots, speed of edits, and type of technices you use in your edit, you will give your work a rhythm.  This is where you start to feel the rhythm of editing.  It is a skill that people develop over time but the best way to feel when and how editing should happen is to cut from the gut.  That means, trust your feelings. If you start to feel uncomfortable or board, the shot has been up too long.  If you are left wondering what you just saw, the shot was too short.  Cut from the gut.

Engage viewers with a story where the action progress from shot to shot. In teams of 2, choose a story is about someone doing something, such as a hobby (knitting) or some past-time or recreation (hiking, painting, etc) or even making lunch (a sandwich or other meal). Even if you work in teams of two, you need to each have your own activity that is different from your partners, your own footage, and your own final video you edited. All assignments must be shot with the equipment assigned to the class unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

What do you need to do?

  • Individual
  • Select a song that inspires you to make a video for it. Have you ever heard a song and literally can see each shot in your head. That is the song to pick.
  • Create a storyboard and script (lyrics) then have each scene represented. Plan out your shots because it will make production move much faster. If you do not do the planning, your video will lack creativity in some areas and become overwhelming in time and completion. Plus, you will have no solid editing guide in post.
  • The music must be appropriate! Absolutely no inappropriate music/video footage, verbal language, racist or sexual references. Keep it decent.
  • The video footage and the lyrics MUST either have a relationship/relevance with each other or completely tell a story. We are not here to make a montage and call it a music video. A montage is selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of a film to form a continuous whole. The music video is the whole piece.




  • Use a tripod or solid foundation for every shot. If there is to be shaky shots, make it have meaning with a clear purpose. I know the difference between purposeful and lack of tripod.
  • Play with different types of lighting to see what kind of looks or feelings you get
  • Must have a variety of angles and shots in your video.  You must have at least 10 different angles or shot compositions in this video.  TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Different is what is remembered.
  • BONUS points may be awarded to more creative work- plan out a transition in production and use it in post. (You could get twice as many points for this assignment if you are creative and originality
  • You must use more than just straight cuts in your edits. Think of all the different types of edits and transitions we just talked about.  Now put those into play.

Total Running Time (TRT) 

At least 90 seconds long.  Can be whole song if you choose


What you need to turn in:

EXPORT as an H.264 and make sure you name the file name in the following manner, 

Your Name

Music video

If there is something you want to try in editing or shooting but you are not sure how to go about it, ask me.  I challenge you to try something you see in your mind and want to make happen on the screen. Those are the things that push you to grow and learn in this field.

Turn your finished product into to me on a flash drive in class, emailed to me from Goggle Drive before class starts, or in the TV 1 folder in student storage ::::must be done and in the folder at least 30 mins before class so I can pull it from the folder to show::::