Plan/Script/Storyboard Rubric

The following rubric identifies characteristics that I consider to be the most significant not just to me, but to professionals. Read carefully. Points are awarded based on which category your work falls under. If you find yourself achieving less than what you desire, then make the opportunity to see me and we can discuss.

Unsatisfactory (1-6.9
* Sketchy script or storyboard
* Unable to determine the reading order of the storyboard pictures
* Not really writing to the visuals
* Narration is not conversational
* Majority of sentences are passive - not using the active voice
* Sentences are long-winded (too long to say in one breath)
* Shows evidence of planning for a few parts of the production
* Script is not in two-column script format
* Script is handwritten, not typed
* SOTS are too long (longer than 15 seconds)
* Information in SOTS could be said better in reporter narration
* Opening contains too much info at once
* Use of 'throw-away' lines that are not essential to the story
* Use of cliche phrases
* Spelling errors and numerous typos
Proficient Range 
* Complete script or storyboard using two-column script format (and typed), although not detailed
* Shows evidence of planning through most parts of the production.
* Use of present tense, active voice and conversational language
* Evidence that script is written to video
* Starts with an attention-getting hook
* SOTS no longer than 12 seconds
* SOTS advance information in the story
* Sentences short carrying one idea, or one breath per sentence
* Some spelling errors and typos
Exemplary (9-10)
* Storyboard clearly describes each shot visually
* Storyboard includes movements, narration or dialogue and FX
* Shows evidence of planning through all parts of the production
* Story has clear direction and generates audience empathy using an identifiable character
* Includes creative use of NAT sounds (NAT pops) between narration and SOTS