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To inform yourself about the topic, and come up with a strong focus to your story, you really need to do your homework. Do the research to learn about the topic thoroughly. Only then will you be able to communicate your message effectively to the audience.

The library and Internet are common resources to get information on any subject. But the one tool that is perhaps just as helpful is the phone. Ring up the experts! Ask them questions to gauge whether they might be good interview candidates for the show.

The research requirements vary from story to story. When you come up with a topic, consider doing the following:
  • Talk to your instructor and discuss the viability of the story. Can you produce this story within reason?
  • Identify the keywords and potential search terms.
  • Find background information with two or more sources to help you understand the broader context of your topic.
  • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate the credibility of sources. Learn about the authors, date of publication, who published it, etc? This part is important. You need to determine if the information is propaganda, opinion or if it's fact, whether it's well-researched, objective and impartial.
So before you start your production, know your topic. You should be able to come up with a focus statement and even map out your story prior to arriving on the location of your shoot. Don't treat interview subjects as your primary research. Do your homework before you interview so that sources see you as credible.